Sciatica Treatment

Treatment for Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain at Chiropractic Care Centre

The pain of sciatica can be brutal. Our Tampa chiropractor, Dr. Dean Brown, at the Chiropractic Care Centre, says the important thing to understand about sciatica is that not every case of sciatic nerve pain is caused by the same conditions in every person's body. So when you are looking for a chiropractor who is going to give you consistently great results, you need someone who can tell distinguish the different causes of those symptoms. In Tampa, the chiropractor who can treat your sciatica and sciatic nerve pain is Dr. Brown at the Chiropractic Care Centre.

Treatment for Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain at Chiropractic Care Center

Dr. Brown Specializes In Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain

For over 10 years, Dr. Dean Brown has focused on treating herniated discs and sciatic nerve pain. Our office has treated patients not just from all over Florida but from places all over the United States. We have even had people fly their relatives in from other countries to seek help with Dr. Brown. At our clinic, we use a proprietary technique that we have developed over the last decade specifically to deal with herniated discs and sciatic nerve pain.

When you come to Chiropractic Care Centre in Tampa, we will start with a very thorough exam. We will test your muscles, nerves, and pain thresholds from different movements. Our goal is to create a personalized holistic plan for treating your condition.

Dr. Brown compares diagnosing sciatica at Chiropractic Care Centre to reading a GPS. When you are reading your GPS, you have to know exactly where you are starting so you can program in exactly where you want to go. We will use a special combination of treatments that we custom make for you.

Dr. Brown Offers Treatments For Sciatica And Sciatic Nerve Pain You Won't Get Anywhere Else

When you come to Dr. Brown's office for sciatica or sciatic nerve pain, you will get to use an innovative and comfortable treatment bed for traction. The traction bed takes the pressure off the damaged disc and stimulates your immune system to break down the damaged disc tissue so your body can replace it with healthy disc material. You will also get a set of customized exercises that you can learn in our office under our supervision. Then you can use them at home to strengthen your back. That way, when your sciatica and sciatic nerve pain is gone, you will be protected for the future. You may even get to experience our powerful laser to stop inflammation and stimulate the healing process.

Dr. Brown Can Lift The Burden Of Sciatic Nerve Pain

You do not have to live with sciatic nerve pain. You can avoid surgery. You do not have to suffer. There is a solution to your problem. Make your appointment with Chiropractic Care Centre in Tampa today! You can call us at (813) 289-5575 to schedule an appointment today!


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