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At Chiropractic Care Centre, located in South Tampa, we offer different services to offer you a wide range of treatment options. Different services are designed to effectively treat different conditions or parts of the body. If you are experiencing low back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, stiff muscles, sore muscles or soft tissue injuries, we have a treatment method to help you. Here are some of the different treatment options that we offer. 

Here at Chiropractic Care Centre, we want you to Stop Living in Pain!

Disc and Sciatica Care

At Chiropractic Care Centre, we can help to treat your disc and sciatica pain. Both disc and sciatica pain may present itself as upper or low back pain. With sciatica, the pain may also radiate up and down your leg. In most cases, adjustments and alignments can help to treat disc and sciatica pain. Adjustments and alignments are two of the most common types of treatments offered by a chiropractor. 

Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy is a condition that causes weakness, numbness, and pain in a specific part of the body. It is caused by damaged nerves. The feet are the most common area affected by neuropathy, but other parts of the body can also be affected, including your hands and forearms. While neuropathy cannot be cured, we offer chiropractic treatments that can help to improve the limited amount of feeling you have in the affected area and slow or stop the progression of the weakness, numbness or pain you may be experiencing. 

Painless Laser Therapy

Laser therapy goes by many names, including photobiomodulation and K-laser. Painless laser therapy uses red light and near-infrared technology to help muscles and tissues. The light is able to increase blood flow, reduce swelling, decrease inflammation and help with the level of pain you may be experiencing. Painless laser therapy can be used on those who may have suffered from an auto accident, workplace accident, sports injury or someone who has a chronic condition that is causing them pain. This treatment method is often combined with other chiropractic services. 

Strength Reconditioning

The final service that we offer at Chiropractic Care Centre is strength reconditioning. After an injury, the affected part of your body may be weak. Strength reconditioning is done during the healing process to heal the muscle and tissue, while also strengthening them. This prevents weakness and also lessens the risk of re-injury. 

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Here at Chiropractic Care Centre, we offer different services to let treat the different types of pain you may be experiencing in your body. If you ready to address the pain you may be living with, contact Chiropractic Care Centre, located in South Tampa, to schedule a consultation today. 


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