Strength Reconditioning

"The PowerPlate is the most innovative health and fitness tool in the industry."

By using Advanced Vibration Technology, it enables users to achieve a higher level of health and fitness. The vibrations are transferred throughout the body causing 30 to 50 muscle contractions per second to increase muscle strength and performance. It is backed by over 40 years of scientific research.

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Prevention and treatment of illnesses and injuries- It also allows patients with debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis (1.5 times increase in bone density in 6 months), arthritis (95% improvement in flexibility and range of motion in 6 months), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and stroke victims to get the benefit of exercise.

Anti-aging and Longevity - The PowerPlate¨ creates a dramatic spike in HGH, Human Growth Hormone (350% increase in 6 months!) which is the key to repair and regeneration of tissues.

Sports Performance - Calibrated to dramatically enhance sports training. Stimulates fast twitch muscle fibers, dramatic increase to explosive strength, (17% increase in vertical jump in 6 months) motor learning, muscular endurance, and overall agility.

Health and fitness - Requires only 1/3 the amount of time required for conventional training. Its effects ALL fibers within a given muscle group.

Cosmetic Improvements - Research shows 25% decrease in Cellulite in 6 months!


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